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(um and I don’t really think i’m coming back to this blog for now sorry, it’s just something I wanted to say and get off my chest)

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ugh sorry for sneaking back on here, it feels really deceptive but I’m really. sad and. nostalgic tonight, sorry.

idek I just want to say that I am glad that I met all of you at some point or another and even though I am not really capable right now of keeping in contact with everyone I just am still really glad that we were friends, however long or short that was for, depending? I miss meeting up with edinburghstucks, I hope you’re all having fun and being well and safe and happy :)

Um. brief life update I guess? I’m 21 now (recently). I’m dropping out of uni/not going back for 3rd year, primarily due to mental health stuff and having a rough year but I’m still here and surviving and things will work out ok maybe? Again I don’t know why i’m making this post, sorry. I have new flatmates. I still like seals and I still spend far too much time online. I’m going to be setting up a fishtank in my flat and also working on opening an online shop with clothes and jewellery and stuff, finally. I baked - some biscuits and some strawberry tarts - a few weeks ago for the first time in nearly a year.

apologies for rambling into the void but I guess I just wanted to say that even if I don’t interact with most of you anymore you all still mean a lot to me, thanks for being great friends? <3

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(Passed a bunch of snk cosplayers in the train station half an hour ago, was rushing around so it only now occurred to me that there might have been people I knew in the group? In which case I probably looked super rude, (sorry for my inability to actually recognise people unless I am actively engaged in conversation with them) unless it was some other group of cosplayers in edinburgh!??)

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[garrus voice] just like old times, shepard!!!!! Hey shepard, jsut like old times. Shepard!!!! Jjsut olike old times.  Just like old  Shepard, times. old shepard!!!!! just like times!!!!!! hey old, just like Shepard Times!!!!!!! SCOPED AND DROPPED

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Actual British Values


  • Bangers & Mash
  • Elevenses
  • Expropriation of the labor and resources of the global south through a process of murder and pillage on an impossible scale whose full horrors will never be brought to light owing to wider western complicity and active attempts at suppression by all sectors of British intelligensia and popular culture
  • Tea (W/ Milk)

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Pillaging, looting, sailing the high seas. Nothing and no one can stop these ruthless pirates… except perhaps the captain of Her Majesty’s royal navy, hot on their trail. But in the pursuit of pirates, something happens that none of them expected- love.

Starring Lucy Liu, Natalie Dormer, Michelle Rodriguez & Tatiana Maslany

Coming soon to a cinema near you!

Based off this wonderful text post [x]

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i went for a walk in order at papa johns and instead of asking for my name or typing out what was on my debit card the cashier put me down as naruto


i went for a walk in order at papa johns and instead of asking for my name or typing out what was on my debit card the cashier put me down as naruto

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